Adapting Podcast: Jewish Leaders: You Need to Hear This


Since the pandemic, the Jewish nonprofit sector has faced the same changes and challenges as the rest of the working world: the Great Resignation, shifted expectations of work, and Gen Z entering the workforce, to name a few. Joining this week’s episode of Adapting is Amy Born, Chief Strategy & Impact Officer from Leading Edge, an organization that supports Jewish nonprofits on their quests to become even better places to work.

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Amy Born's Headshot

Together, David Bryfman and Amy Born explore the themes that, as Jewish nonprofit leaders – from CEO’s to directors and beyond – are on our minds: work-life balance and setting boundaries, recruitment and retention of Jewish educators, and the role lay leaders play in ensuring the Jewish workforce is as strong as it can be. Lastly, Amy shares advice for Jewish leaders based on her expertise and Leading Edge data to ensure they are doing all they can to run a healthy and successful work environment today and for the future.  ​​



  • After School and Beyond
  • Educator Training