Adapting Podcast: Straight to the Source - Kids and Jewish Education


As educators, we all have a lot to say. But in this special season finale of Adapting, we flipped the script and got to hear from the learners! CEO David Bryfman sits down with his two kids, Jonah and Abby, for an exclusive interview about their Jewish education. Listen on Apple or Spotify.

David Bryfman smiling with his two kids and wife at Jonah's graduation

Join us as the dynamic duo reveals favorite topics they've learned at Jewish Day School like the story of Joseph and learning Hebrew, what they think their dad does for a living, the teaching qualities that earned a "favorite teacher" designation, and excitement over summer camp and Jewish surf camp. Yes, you read that right! Kick off your summer with some inspiration and get firsthand insights from these young Jewish minds.



  • Camp
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • Family Engagement