A collection of resources to enable students to learn and explore the Ethiopian Jewish holiday of Sigd.

Map of Ethiopia
On Demand

Learn about the holiday of Sigd in a joint program with The Jewish Agency!

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Slideshows, songs, and recipes to learn about Sigd.

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Ethiopian women

Explore the Ethiopian Jewish holiday of Sigd with these resources and lesson plans.

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Ethiopian Jewry

One of the most prolific stories of return after being separated for over 2000 years.

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Sigd with the National Library of Israel

Learn about the Ethiopian Jewish festival of Sigd and the story of the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel.

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Black and white photo of people celebrating Sigd in Ethiopia

A five-minute video sharing the history and meaning behind the festival accompanied by a resources.

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Avezu Fanta

Avezu Fanta discusses the significance of Sigd and her experiences as an Ethiopian Israeli.

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Prepare to teach Sigd with The Lookstein Center's resources, including lesson plans, articles, videos, and more!

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Celebrate Sigd in your community with our wide range of resources!

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Photographs and video footage of JDC's humanitarian work with Jewish communities in Ethiopia, including a clip of the 1990 observance of Sigd in Jerusalem.

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Yom HaSigd

A resource pack and videos from UJIA on the Ethiopian holiday of Sigd.

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Understand the holiday of Sigd and explore it through text-study

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Black and white photo of people celebrating Sigd in Ethiopia

How might Jews in the U.S. celebrate Sigd while honoring the history and culture of the Beta Israel community?

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Image of an Orit Manuscript

Learn about the Orit, the Hebrew Bible translated into Ge'ez, which is read on Sigd.

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