Sigd: An Ethiopian Jewish Holiday of Communal Repentance


Ethiopian Jewry has a long history, with traditions tracing Jewish arrival in Ethiopia to Biblical times. Possibly their most notable tradition is the Sigd festival, celebrated fifty days after Yom Kippur. The festival is not like that of any other diaspora community but references and is based on events in the Bible. Learn more about Sigd with this episode of our Holidays Series.


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Suggested Implementations


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  2. The 10 Lost Tribes (Tribe of Dan)

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  2. Shavuoth
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Questions for Discussion

  1. As Sigd is a day of fraternal love, unity, and the formation of the covenant with the God of Israel and Jerusalem, is there a place for expanding the holiday today to other communities?
  2. What are the parallels and distinctions between Sigd and Shavuoth?



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