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An article by Dr. David Bryfman about how educators are responding to the events in Israel.

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Ella Metuki 10/11/2023

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Share here! 

Rabbi Nadia Gold 10/11/2023

I had an interesting discussion with some 6th graders last night about what is happening now in Israel. I started by asking them how much they knew and wanted them to write anonymous questions about it and I would do my best to answer. The questions spanned from "Are we going to be okay in the world?" to "Will my teacher who lives in Israel be able to tutor me?" All in all, we actually had fewer questions than I had initially thought we would have. Most were very quiet and I just felt like a disconnect? Maybe because they have not been there? I don't know. What have your experiences been so far and what are some of the favorite things you have done in the classroom?

Rabbi Nadia Gold 10/11/2023
Replied to @Rabbi Nadia Gold

Its interesting they got much more animated when we spoke about the judicial reform process. Maybe it's the dark nature of what is happening.

Replied to @Rabbi Nadia Gold

Super interesting! Based on the examples that you gave, it sounds like their questions are deeply existential. I'm wondering if they have the context/bandwidth to engage on this topic from a content perspective, as well as an emotional one. What has Israel meant to them so far?

Amit Castel 10/19/2023
Replied to @Rabbi Nadia Gold


I can say I relate very much. had the same situation with some seniors that reacted in a very similar way.

I am not sure exactly what it is, according to them is mainly knowledge. After that I started gathering a lot of info and "dry" details regarding the situation.

Wondering if someone found a good recommended source. 

Sarah Palmer 10/12/2023

Explore the National Library of Israel's source sheets about communal responsibility and solidarity, texts and primary sources that highlight the idea of cohesion between Jewish communities and letters written by children during times of war. https://education-en.nli.org.il/special-programs/words-can-make-a-difference

Cherie Koller-Fox 10/22/2023

I am deeply concerned about this. We are assuming that our students feel a deep connnection to Israel, but we know that many do not. What are we doing to help this child understand how deeply we are feeling at this moment and why. How can we help them find the connections of heart and mind. How can we help them understand their possible encounters with antisemitism, many for the first time.