An Educator Talks to Students About the 2023 Israel-Hamas War


Dr. Tal Grinfas-David, the Center for Israel Education's vice president for outreach and pre-collegiate school management initiatives, speaks about Israel's war with Hamas in a special Zoom session with fourth- to seventh-graders at a Jewish day school in Canada, Vancouver Talmud Torah. Roughly half the 39-minute video consists of Dr. Grinfas-David answering the students' insightful questions, including "Why can't we share the land?" and "Why do people hate us?" The video can be shown to students in roughly the same grade levels and older to help them understand the war; it also can serve as a model for teachers struggling with what to tell their students and how to do so.

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The Q&A section, which avoids showing any children, can provide ready answers for educators faced with student questions. It also should reassure educators about the ability of students in these grade levels to approach the Israel-Hamas war with depth and complexity. 



  • Educator Training
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas