Shine A Light Activity for a Virtual Camp Reunion - 3-5 Grade

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With the power of video conference software, you can host a virtual camp reunion.  This guide is geared towards 3rd-5th graders but can easily be modified to engage different age cohorts. 

Campers are asked to reflect on all of the ways that they celebrate their Judaism at camp and to consider what that has to do with spreading light via Jewish joy year-round.  Once they have recalled these moments, they are introduced to civic education concepts: 

  • bullying
  • antisemitism
  • upstander
  • bystander
  • ally
  • majority
  • minority

and then asked to imagine what might happen if an outside "majority" tried to come in and take over camp.  How would they, the "minority" respond?  Then, a connection is drawn to the story of Chanukah and the Maccabees and what real modern-day experiences they may have heard about or encountered which mirror our ancient story. 

Campers will have an opportunity to share ways they can radiate the light of camp year-round to dispel the darkness of negativity Jews face as a minority. 

Created By:

Stephanie Marshall Headsot

Stephanie Marshall, RJE has been engaging learners for 34 years. Teaching all ages, toddlers to adults, she has worked as the Education Director at synagogues and Jewish agencies around the country, as the director of Jewish Day camps, and as both an educator and faculty member at several Jewish sleep away camps. Stephanie has also spent many years as a youth group advisor. She has her MA in Jewish Education from HUC-JIR, where she was awarded the Rabbi Mordecai and Eve Soloff Award for Excellence in Jewish Education. Stephanie has also earned a certificate in Innovation and Change/Excellence in School Leadership from NewCAJE and is certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid.  She is currently based in Tulsa, OK.



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