When horrific gun violence occurs in schools, both students and educators are left to process concerns, feelings and questions. The Jewish Education Project has collected resources to help educators understand what learners of any age might be going through, and provide some ideas for conversations. 


candles lit in vigil

A short video about coping with community violence.

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Scrabble tiles with the word "safe"

A guide from the National Association of School Psychologists.

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Child Mind Institute logo

What parents can do to aid children in processing grief and fear in a healthy way.

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Student and Teacher Standing Together

A brief guide to speaking to your students about a crisis as it unfolds by Teaching Tolerance.

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Helping youth with trauma

This resource explores how traumatic events impact students' learning, behavior, and relationships.

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Mom talking to child

A podcast episode about how to talk to kids when the news is unsettling.

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Despair and Resilience

Make concrete connections between the word despair and the feelings that might go with it.

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Coping with Trauma Resources - The Lookstein Center

These resources are helpful for talking to students about traumatic events.

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