Lag B'Omer is a special time within the counting of the Omer, the seven weeks between Passover and Shavu'ot to remember our connection to one another and celebrate in an otherwise somber time. 

The Jewish Education Project's curated collection of resources is here to help you mention this time with learners of any age. 

Count the Omer

We've got you covered with 49 days of fun facts about each number as you count the Omer.

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Counting the Omer

Use tech tools and art to create a personalized calendar as a reminder to count the Omer.

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Stairway to Accomplishment: Going up with the Omer

Get moving and start climbing. Learners reflect on how steps taken can be as important as the final goal.

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Pirkei Avot, the Omer and the End of the Year

Reflect on the year and inspire learners to take what they have learned with them over the summer.

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Rhythm of the Journey – An Omer Playlist

Connect to the omer and spring holidays by creating a playlist to express each day’s emotion or theme.

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Climbing Mt. Meron - A Lag BaOmer Scavenger Hunt

Learn about the origins and customs of Lag BaOmer while racing to the top of Mt. Meron.

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Lag BaOmer on Sefaria

A collection of sheets to enrich your study and observance of Lag BaOmer.

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 Leaving the Cave

Reflect on the experience of social distancing through the lens of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai’s story.

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Lag B'Omer with the National Library of Israel

Primary sources to explore the origins of Lag B'Omer and some of its customs.

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Lag BaOmer Resources

Teach your students about Sefirat HaOmer and prepare for Lag BaOmer with these Lag BaOmer resources.

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Ji Bytes and the OMER

Two great learning journeys on Ji Bytes for the OMER and LAG b'OMER for ages 7-12.

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