Adapted from The Jewish Education Center of Cleveland’s La-bri’ut Curriculum with support from The Covenant Foundation, La-bri’ut: To our Health and Wellness, is a program guide created for camp counselors and educators to lead activities for Jewish values-based resilience building. La-bri’ut is built on five caregiving principles that support healing and resiliency. These five principles are each aligned with a Jewish value so that children can experience Judaism, Jewish tradition, and their educational setting (camp, hebrew school, etc.) as a framework to help support them over their experience. The five program areas are:

Sukkat Shalom (shelter of peace) – A sense of safety

Ometz Lev (inner strength) – A sense of calm

G’vurah (strength/power) – Self- and communal-efficacy

K’hillah (community) – Social connectedness Hesed (loving kindness)

Hope - attained by reaching out to assist others

La-bri'ut is a group of resources that can be used separately or together for children and educators. There are educational materials as well as write-ups for fun programs.



  • Camp
  • After School and Beyond
  • Congregational Learning
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • Educator Training