The Kibbutz: Israel's Collective Utopia


The Kibbutz is one of the most iconic symbols of Israel’s early years, before and after 1948.

The video comes with a 5-part educational guide (includes REVIEW, DISCUSSION, ACTIVITIES, REFLECTION, FURTHER LEARNING) that can be viewed online and/or downloaded as a PDF, along with a Kahoot game. 

This is part of a series titled History of Israel Explained.

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How did the kibbutz become so popular? Where did the idea of the kibbutz begin and why did the kibbutz movement flourish? How many people in Israel even lived on kibbutzim? This episode gives you everything you need to know about this unique, idealistic, spirited movement that helped shape Israel into the country that it is. 

Watch this video and use these prompts to explore the world of the kibbutz.



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