Jewish Reproductive Justice: Repro Shabbat 2022


Moving Traditions supports healthy, thriving Jewish teens through personal wholeness (shleimut), caring connections (hesed), and a just and equitable world (tzedek). We understand that teens need to be supported in aligning and actualizing their values within themselves, between one another, and within society. Through supporting teens in all of these ways, we help them thrive.

This session examines the issue of Reproductive Justice, specifically access to abortion, and how it impacts teens from each of these standpoints.  It may be used in both virtual and hybrid learning environments.

This session was created as part of Repro Shabbat 2022, which was held nationally and virtually on January 28-29, 2022 in partnership with the National Council of Jewish Women.

Through this session, teens will:

  • Discuss the meaning of reproductive justice and its impact on people of all genders and with diverse backgrounds and identities.
  • Examine abortion rights and access through the reproductive justice lens.
  • Build empathy for individual stories and experiences (including their own).
  • Be empowered to stand in their Judaism, applying Jewish wisdom and values to the idea of reproductive justice, and disrupt the idea that there is only one religious approach to the issue.



  • Teen Engagement
  • Camp