This curated collection contains materials to help you- the educator- think about Israel education in your setting, contend with the big questions, and learn from others in the field. 

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Compass pointing toward Questions

The Jewish Education Project advocates for complex Israel education that recognizes the diverse and sometimes competing narratives at play in Israel today.

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Soldiers in Israel

Rabbi Leor Sinai discusses what life is like in Israel during Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzma’ut, two holidays he identifies as part of the "Modern Days of Awe", and discusses how educators can transmit the significance of these days to learners, wherever they are in the world. 

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For resources on mentioning these special days with your learners, click here. 

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All In The Family Image

A seven-part series of sessions that assist parents in having meaningful conversations with their older teens about Israel from Makom. 

Makom, a project of the Jewish Agency for Israel, is the place for challenging Israel education, enabling participants to ask challenging questions, while also providing a challenging and exciting experience.

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Question Mark

This article explores how to have age-appropriate conversations about the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis. 

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students studying in Israel

A collection of resources to help learners think critically about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

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When is “Israel'' or “Zionist” a modern replacement for the word “Jew”?

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Yafo and Tel Aviv Coastline

Matti Friedman suggests how to identify credible resources to understand the complexity of Israel.

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Israeli flag
On Demand

This webinar will offer creative Yom Ha'Atzmaut ideas for early childhood educators at a time when in-school celebrations can't take place.

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Israeli History instruction

A collection of articles and lesson plans to aid in Israeli history instruction.

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