Israel Bytes Platform


Israel Bytes puts students in control of their learning, amplifying their active engagement and sparking their excitement to explore the living story of contemporary Israel and how Israel’s story is relevant within their lives. 



Israel Bytes Series

Innovation -.Learn about Israel’s contributions to the world of technology and innovation leading the way in many disciplines. 

Music & Diversity - Through the lens of Israel’s music (lyrics, genres, and performances) explore the forces that have shaped Israeli culture.

Leadership - Through the stories of Israel’s leaders, gain a deeper understanding of the choices, outcomes and legacies of leadership for Zionism and Israel

Religion & Democracy - Delve into the differences and complexities that occur when religion & democracy seek to exist side by side. 



Each of the 4 series contains a familiar learning module path with the following activities:

● Watch: topic introduced through informative and curiosity building videos.

● Play: topic introduced through interactive games, critical information, ideas and exploring connections.

● Research: students immerse into the topic with a deeper dive into additional pieces of research. The sources are carefully vetted by our educational specialists and in partnership with organizations providing content.

● Create: based on their research students will apply a creative expression of their understanding using a variety of embedded digital creation tools eg making a video, game, animation or digital graphics.

● Share: students will share their projects with teachers, parents and peers and engage in discussion about their creations and understanding.


Teachers are provided with resources, experiential learning activities and guides to support their student engagement. 

By developing and integrating an interactive digital platform that takes advantage of the best of what online media and engagement has to offer, Israel Bytes opens up Israel education and the connection to Israel as a contemporary experience for students.




  • After School and Beyond
  • Camp
  • Congregational Learning
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • Family Engagement
  • Teen Engagement