Hate and Society's Ills Through Speech and Art


The purpose of this lesson is to learn about the origins and impact of antisemitism through the lens of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks z”l and to explore the tool of graffiti as a way to combat or communicate against antisemitism, bringing attention (and light) to important social issues.

Hate and Society's Ills Through Speech and Art is the first in a series of lessons created for the Shine a Light on Antisemitism Campaign of 2022.

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Erica Hruby is a Jewish educator with over 28-years of teaching, curriculum writing, and professional development experience in Jewish community, academic, and residential environments. Erica is the founding Executive Director of JTEEN (Jewish Teen Education & Engagement Network), the national network of Jewish teen professionals. She is also the founder of Anchored Parenting, LLC where she serves as an educator and coach for tw/eens, parents, and grandparents. Erica has an M.A. from Georgia School of Professional Psychology in Clinical Psychology with a focus on children and adolescents. She lives in Clearwater, Florida with her high school sweetheart with whom she shares two daughters.



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