75 Works of Art for Israel@75


CIE's list of 75 works of art is one of several lists of 75 created to enhance understanding and appreciation of the State of Israel upon its 75th birthday. The works on this list include paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, crafts, architecture and Judaica representing the diversity of Israel and arranged chronologically from 1896 to 2023. The list can be used to show Israel's diversity and evolution, to show society's responses to events, and to explore the multidimensional reality of Israel.

The image of each artwork is accompanied by a description that addresses the artist and the circumstances of the item's creation, creating a cumulative picture of the development of Israeli art and culture through the decades. As list curator Dr. Susan Nashman Fraiman writes, "This collection, while not a comprehensive survey, comprises a wide range of media and artists, including painting, sculpture and architecture, and reflects the vibrancy and complexity of life in Israel, as well as the rich sources from Jewish and Israeli history that inspired these works. My hope is that the compilation will be at once stimulating and uplifting."

The list can be used to explore how Israelis have responded to experiences such as immigration and war or how they reflect worldwide trends in art and culture. The list provides opportunities to study how the population of the state has changed. It can provide an entry for studying Israel's unsolved issues. Because each item is just a sample of an artist's work and because we provide only the start of biographical sketches of the artists, along with links for context and further study, the list could serve as the basis for students to do biographical projects resulting in written or visual presentations.



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