Getting To What’s Next: A Special D.I.Y. Webinar

The Jewish Education Project
June 24, 2020

In this time of uncertainty, there remain some constants: leadership, vision, systems, and scenario planning processes. The Jewish Education Project and Debra Brosan, an expert in educational leadership and change management, created this *one-time webinar where we will explain our "Getting to What's Next" framework that can help you and your organization strategically think about planning for 2020-2021.

*This webinar is designed for educational leaders in New York and across North America who are not part of our "Getting to What's Next" Future Planning cohorts which had its own separate webinar.

This link will take you to a zoom recording of the webinar.

This framework, designed for day schools, early childhood centers, congregational schools, and beyond, will help you ask the right questions for your school/organization and present tools to assist in streamlining your thinking.

This webinar focuses on:

  • How to move towards a more flexible, agile, and growth-centered mindset.
  • How to ask ourselves questions that will provide structure: What do we know now?/What do we not know now?; What action items can we move forward with now?/What needs to wait?; What are my organization's negotiables and non-negotiables?; How to ask "what if" questions using objectivity.
  • Asking ourselves how to use levels of certainty/uncertainty and stability/instability to our advantage in planning ahead.
  • How to remain goal-oriented, using objectives and anchors as our guides.

This program is available free of charge due to generous funding through our ongoing partnership with UJA-Federation of New York.


Debra Brosan

Debra Brosan is dedicated to helping create effective, healthy Jewish organizations through program evaluation, feasibility studies, coaching, organizational and leadership development, strategic planning, and training. Her work focuses on applying systems thinking to individual, group, and organizational issues. In the whole-systems approach, all organizational work is interrelated. Debra has experienced firsthand the importance of clarity, dialogue and strategy – because it is the people who make community and has the unique perspective of being trained in organizational development, as a hands-on business leader, a Jewish educator, and a long-term consultant in Jewish organizational change initiatives. In the past, Debra served as the Director of Synagogue and Institutional Change at Jewish Learning Venture, Philadelphia, PA. 

She directed the Designated School Program, designed and facilitated the Program for Organization Development for the NESS Initiative, Director of both the Catalyst Grant Initiative and Reshet Programs, and has worked on projects that encompass change, community, synagogue wide with congregational schools and early childhood programs.



  • Early Childhood
  • Family Engagement
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • Congregational Learning
  • After School and Beyond
  • Teen Engagement