Days of Gratitude for Yom Ha'Atzmaut

M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education

A growing series of gratitude exercises in celebration of Yom Ha'Atzmaut.  This series is part of the Days of Gratitude initiative developed by Beit Prat - Israeli Midrasha and M2:The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education. 

These exercises reflect on what it means to be a "light unto the nations" as both a nation and a global Jewish people. The activities are inspired by blessings from the traditional morning liturgy.



Area of Work

  • EC - Early Childhood
  • FE - Family Engagement
  • DS&Y - Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • CL - Congregational Learning
  • AS&B - After School and Beyond
  • T - Teens

Resource Type

  • Website
  • Online Activity

Resource Category

  • Israel Education

Resource Topic

  • Gratitude
  • Zionism
  • Israel - Contemporary


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