Day Schools Mental Health Programming


Please see below for our upcoming Mental Health programming!

Day School Positive Psychology Network
This network, facilitated by Dr. Yali Werzberger, is designed to foster a collective space for teachers to reflect and process their year of teaching during the pandemic both as professionals and as people outside of school, especially when there were many boundaries impacted and removed.

Target audience – classroom teachers/administrators

Using Stress-Informed Strategies to Support Students
This interactive session will provide a theoretical framework to understand the impact of stress, anxiety, and trauma on our mind and body, and will provide strategies teachers can use to create stress-informed, supportive environments for their students.

Target audience – Middle School and High School teachers/administrators

Day School Leaders Network
In this Network, Dr. Betsy Stone will present new ways to think about promoting Mental Health in a school environment, with practical suggestions for how to support the wellness of students, teachers and staff. All sessions will be geared to Day School/Yeshiva educational leaders with their needs in mind. Participants will engage with one another in different formats to develop deeper relationships; create a culture of collaboration, inquiry and shared problem-solving.

Target audience – Day School Leaders

Promoting Teacher Wellness at Your School
Through shared learning and individualized support, school leaders will gain deeper understandings and acquire new skills in supporting teachers through trauma-informed practices that rely on empathy, relationship building, and problem-solving skills.
One workshop and up to eight coaching sessions (half hour each)

Target audience – New York City Day School Leaders