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Kotel - Jerusalem

Explore the Holy Land from afar with this collection of virtual tours of Israel. Take your classroom on engaging, visually-stimulating tours of Jerusalem, The Knesset, The Dead Sea, Haifa, and more.

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Israel Virtual Tour Videos

A list of high-definition videos of important Israeli cities, geographic features, and cultural locations.

Israel Independence Hall with Israel flag and Herzl photo

Virtual Tour of Israel's Independence Hall

A virtual tour of Independence Hall, the site of Ben Gurion's announcement establishing the State of Israel.

Jerusalem Old City

Jerusalem Old City - Gigapixel Image Tour

An ultra-high-definition gigapixel image of Jerusalem's Old City, perfect for a virtual tour with your classroom.

The Knesset

Knesset Streetview Virtual Tour

A rare glimpse into the Knesset with Google's "Street View" virtual tour.

Israel Tel-Aviv

360º Virtual Tour | Holy Land

A 360º high-definition virtual tour of Israel, from the Western Wall, to the Sea of Galilee, and beyond.

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem | Virtual Tour

A high-definition virtual tour of The Israel Museum in Jerusalem.


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