Celebrating Passover Around the World With the JDC


The Exodus story, which is retold every year during the holiday of Passover, reveals a tale of rescue, relief, and renewal. This narrative is echoed throughout the history of the JDC, as the organization has continually reached out to Jews in distress around the world. Therefore, it is quite fitting that JDC has helped global Jewry celebrate the holiday as well. As early as 1918, JDC provided matzah to Jewish soldiers in the Polish army. Soon, providing free Passover food, matzah flour, and matzah became a JDC mainstay for Jews in need in places as far-flung as Iran, Cuba, and Ethiopia. Today, JDC supports a Passover program in Berlin for children ages 2-6, public Seders in Bulgaria, matzah distribution in the former Soviet Union, and other Passover celebrations across the globe.

This gallery provides a small sample of photographs available via the JDC Archives website. In addition to curated galleries on many topics and countries, you may conduct searches in our online database.



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