Pesach with the National Library of Israel



Enhance your Pesach/Passover teaching with primary sources from the collections of the National Library of Israel, including:

Explore rare Haggadot and get a glimpse into the stories of Jewish communities around the world. Learn how different historical circumstances come to life in the unique design of each Haggadah.

Uncover the meaning of the slogan "Let My People Go" which was used by the Soviet Jewry movement during its struggle to pressure the Soviet Union to allow Jews to immigrate to Israel. This resource pack includes posters and photographs from rallies and demonstrations.

'What's Your Exodus story': in this Sefaria source sheet, we will look at three groups of people who saw the Exodus story as inspiration and hope during their own quest for freedom. At the end, you will have an opportunity to share how you connect to the Exodus story.

See where the concept of bedikat chametz comes from, how the rules have developed, and how the search has been done in different parts of the world at different times in history. We will also discuss what chametz can symbolize in our own lives.


Pictured: Haggadah from Germany 1756, written in German, Hebrew, and Yiddish. It was created by the scribe and illustrator Abraham Sopher in Ihringen. The Haggadah comprises 27 parchment pages which are beautifully illustrated with watercolors.



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