Adapting Podcast: Responding to Antisemitism in a Post Colleyville World

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Dr. Rachel Fish helps us process this frightening incident at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas and gives us strategies for standing up to Antisemitism. 


Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, TX


Why did a terrorist think a rabbi in suburban Texas had the power to free a political prisoner? What psychological forces motivate Antisemitic thoughts and behavior?  How do we educate the "Don't Know's, Don't Care's" of the world on the impact of these incidents? Renowned scholar Dr. Rachel Fish tackles these difficult questions. She explains why Antisemitism will never disappear and how Jewish educators can prepare their students - and themselves - to remain proud, strong, and resilient in the face of Antisemitism.  

Rachel Fish

"When the terrorist asks the rabbi to call another rabbi in order to leverage political officials, that is playing off the conspiracy theory that Jews are part of a larger cabal... That is not a new trope. It highlights why history matters. It is why we need our educators to understand how these Antisemitic tropes emerged."  

​Dr. Rachel Fish

Scholar Warrior

Co-Founder, Boundless Israel 

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Looking for more support in response to Colleyville? We hosted a webinar with Dr. Betsy Stone of HUC-JIR and Rabbi Elizabeth Zeller of Temple Chaverim in Plainview, N.Y. discussing how educators can cope with the trauma of last Shabbat's events. Watch the webinar here and access other resources about responding to antisemitism here.



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