Adapting Podcast: Daniel Olson On Jewish Education For People With Disabilities

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Daniel Olson discusses his research on Jewish Education for people with disabilities. 

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Teenagers working at a grocery store
Participants in Camp Ramah in Wisconsin's Atzmayim Vocational Program work at a local supermarket. Courtesy photo Camp Ramah in Wisconsin.
Daniel Olson

Why does Daniel Olson get frustrated when he hears the phrase “special needs” used to describe a child?  Why does he believe that learners with disabilities receive only a “partial invitation to citizenship” in some Jewish educational settings? Daniel, the Director of Strategic Initiatives & Research at the National Ramah Commission, is a scholar who researches the experience of people with developmental disabilities in Jewish Education. In this episode he challenges listeners to reconsider what people with disabilities are capable of. He also reflects on his childhood in the tight knit Jewish community of St. Paul, Minnesota, and how his love of the performing arts shaped his career as a Jewish educator.  



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