Adapting Podcast: Gaming Jewish Education


It is both an exciting and perhaps terrifying era for Jewish educators when digital technology is empowering learners in their own learning. Rather than being seen as a fountain of knowledge that learners turn to for information, 21st century educators must adopt a different set of skills – including flipping their classrooms, utilizing principles of gaming, and enabling people to learn in ways that work best for them. On the latest episode of Adapting, David Bryfman discusses with Barry Joseph how digital technology can help model what these cutting-edge, engaging methods look like.

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With 25+ years of experience in digital learning and design, Barry brings a fresh perspective to the field and an optimistic future, as he discusses the value of implementing digital technology both inside and outside the classroom, and why we should not be afraid to explore it with our learners.

Mentioned in this episode is the book, "The Rules We Break" by Eric Zimmerman.

This episode was produced by Dina Nusnbaum and Miranda Lapides.

The show’s executive producers are David Bryfman, Karen Cummins, and Nessa Liben. This episode was engineered and edited by Nathan J. Vaughan of NJV Media.

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