Adapting Podcast: Beyond the Bubble: Making the Magic of Summer Camp Last


Summer camp creates a unique environment that resembles a Jewish utopia inside a bubble. It's a culture built on kindness and connection without outside academic or societal pressure, and in many cases, access to technology, that enhances cherished face time with friends as well as young staff members who serve as mentors. Plus, campers enjoy aspects of Jewish life they may not experience at home.

Debby Shriber Headshot

This week’s episode of Adapting takes you inside the bubble of summer camp with Debby Shriber, the Executive Director of the URJ Northeast Camps. David Bryfman and Debby explore the secrets of summer camp success, the crucial role of Camp Directors, and how well-meaning parents can let the air out of the bubble. They probe the question: can we spread these joyful Jewish experiences in campers' lives throughout the rest of the year, or does the bubble, by its very nature, only exist during summer in a camp setting?



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