75 Non-Israelis Crucial in Israeli History for Israel@75


As part of CIE's collection of lists of 75 for the State of Israel's 75th birthday, CIE has collected a list of people who have influenced Israel's history from afar. Many of them are Jewish, but many others, particularly political leaders, are not. Arranged alphabetically, from Bella Abzug to Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the list can also be approached chronologically to gain insight into Israel's evolving needs and image on the world stage. As with CIE's other lists, each member has a unique URL as well as appearing on the collective list page, allowing learners to approach the list as a whole or to focus on individuals or groups, such as U.S. presidents. The list helps learners understand that even when the Jewish people have sovereignty, they require support from and influenced by the rest of the world.

This list is valuable for helping learners appreciate the connections between Israel and the Diaspora and the importance of remaining engaged with Israel even among those in the Diaspora who have no interest in ever making aliyah. Also, as with the other Israel@75 lists, educational value can come from exploring others who perhaps should be on the list instead of others. In an specific country, learners can focus on the members of the list from that country and discuss whether their influence has been positive or negative. In short, showing how people with whom students are familiar fit into the Zionist story can help those students see themselves in that story.



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