75 Israelis From History for Israel@75


Though they may have played important roles in helping Israel achieve statehood, these 75 people deserve recognition for what they did after Israel’s Declaration of Independence on May 14, 1948. They are listed alphabetically, from S.Y. Agnon to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, and each person appears with an image and a brief bio and has a unique page on the CIE website in addition to appearing on the list page. As with CIE's Israel@75 lists of Zionist founders and current Israelis, the list moves beyond politicians and generals to present a glimpse at Israel as a whole and the many types of people involved in building a state and a society. As with all of the lists, these 75 people from Israel's past can be the basis of biographical studies to illuminate Israel's history and reality.

It is important to emphasize with any group of learners engaging with this or any of CIE's Israel@75 lists that our selection of 75 wouldn't necessarily match anyone else's choices. So the list itself can provide an opening for in-depth discussions about the merits of members of this list and the additions and subtractions students would make. They should do the research to make their cases for and against potential list members. Much of the value from the list comes not necessarily from these 75 names and their mini-bios, but from the opportunities they provide for further study about the real people and real circumstances learners can discover from the past 75 years.



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