Yom Kippur Resources


A collection of sheets, texts, and topics for Yom Kippur found on Sefaria. Included are links to lesson plans, the Sefaria Machzor collection, and topics for further study.

  • Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word - A lesson plan for middle school/high school students about teshuva. Students will understand that the Yom Kippur liturgy models the process of asking for forgiveness within a community of people in the same situation.
  • Top Tefillot for Yom Kippur - Deepen your understanding of some of the most central prayers of Yom Kippur and reflect on their meaning in our lives today.
  • Depths of Yonah - A contemporary commentary on the book of Jonah as it relates to the Yom Kippur service by Rabbis Chaim and Binyamin Jachter. The book is the product of the teaching that Rabbi Chaim Jachter led at the Torah Academy of Bergen County. 

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