Yom HaShoah with the National Library of Israel


What important themes are you focusing on for Holocaust Memorial Day? Where is the safe space to share and reflect? How are you taking learners on this powerful process?

We've gathered a range of resources to help: videos with personal testimony (in partnership with Centropa), stories of children who were saved, primary sources from communities that were lost, understanding Jewish life in Germany during the Nazi regime and in the Yishuv...and more.

Also, watch our webinar "Between Yom HaShoah and Yom HaZikaron: the centrality of rituals in Israeli culture and incorporating rituals in learning" to explore what are rituals made of, what is the debate around setting the dates for memorial days in Israel and what are some new initiatives for commemoration.

Lesson plans, resource packs, primary source materials, videos, and more from The National Library of Israel.



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