Webinar: Getting to Know Today’s Parents of Teens

The Jewish Education Project
May 15, 2019

Many teens today consider their parents among their best friends. Dr. Betsy Stone joins The Jewish Education Project's Suri Jacknis and Shariee Calderone for a webinar conversation on Gen X parents. Generation X describes people born from the mid-1960’s to the early 1980’s; a group that experienced shifting societal values and growing divorce rates. Explore the opportunities and challenges of working with today’s parents of teens. Understand how they were raised and how they relate to their children. Learn how to involve and support these parents in order to meet their needs.

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Dr. Betsy Stone received her Doctorate in Psychology from Yale University. She is a psychologist and for the last seventeen years has served as an adjunct lecturer at Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion. Her classes include Human Development for Educators, Adolescent Development and Teens In and Out of Crisis. She also teaches a family education class in her synagogue, Temple Sinai of Stamford, for 6th and 7th graders and their parents, and likes to travel and teach about teenagers and their families. Betsy’s book, Happily Ever After, is available in paperback and audio recording.



  • Congregational Learning
  • After School and Beyond
  • Teen Engagement