Virtual: Wilson Fundations Level K Workshop

July 17, 2023 at 9:00 am - 2:30 pm EDT
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Registration opens Monday, April 17 at 9 AM!

The Fundations Level K Workshop provides the practice and guidance needed to effectively begin teaching the Fundations Level K curriculum in a Tier 1 setting. 

This will be an interactive workshop, all participants are expected to have their cameras on.

Course Objectives 

Upon completion of the course, participants are able to: 

  • Grasp the background knowledge and understand the research base supporting the why and how of Fundations instruction.  

  • Identify the skills taught in Fundations Level K: phonological awareness; phonemic awareness and the alphabetic principle; sound mastery; ways to form the key linkages—letter name, formation, and the sound represented by the letter(s); phonics; vocabulary; high frequency/trick words; fluency; comprehension strategies; manuscript handwriting, spelling, and punctuation. 

  • Understand the principles of instruction: explicit, sequential, and cumulative instruction that engages multiple learning modalities with multisensory instruction, repetition, and immediate, specific feedback. 

  • Prepare a daily Level K learning plan and practice lesson activity procedures. 

  • Build a learning-focused classroom by maximizing instructional time, learning lesson activities, using questioning to guide student learning and mastery, and encouraging craftsmanship for optimum outcomes. 

*No one will be turned down due to cost. If you have any issues making the full payment or have general questions, please email Tova Rich.

For educators working in NYC Day Schools/ Yeshivot only.

CTLE credits are available upon request.

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About the Presenter

Sharon Grunfeld Headshot

Sharon Grunfeld is a Wilson Language Literacy Specialist, who conducts professional learning workshops via site-based and online interactive meetings for teachers in diverse school communities. She provides coaching and program certifications for all Wilson Language® programs. Sharon has extensive experience supporting Tier 1, 2, and 3 classrooms in urban, ENL, and Title I settings. Prior to joining Wilson Language Training, she had a 31-year career at the NYC Department of Education as a teacher, Special Education Supervisor, Administrator, and Wilson In-District Trainer. Additionally, she has designed and presented professional development programs for teachers and administrators in the areas of Collaborative Team-Teaching, Vocabulary Development, Fluency, Comprehension Strategies, Informal Assessments, and Adapting Curriculum. Sharon is a graduate of the Ramaz School. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education and Master's Degrees in Special Education and School Administration. She is a Wilson® Certified Trainer (W.C.T.) and Wilson® Dyslexia Therapist (W.D.T.). 

Link for the workshop will be provided 1 week before.