Tisha B'Av 101 - Why is this the Saddest Day of the Year?


Find answers to questions about Tisha B’Av on this Sefaria sheet. 

  • Why is Tisha B'Av the Saddest Day of the Year?
  • How Do We Mourn?
  • Why were the First and Second Temples destroyed?
  • What book of Tanakh (Bible) is read on Tisha B’Av?
  • Who were Kamtza and Bar Kamtza and what do they have to teach us on Tisha B’Av?
  • How can the destruction of the Temple serve as a model to us today of how to carry on after personal loss?

Looking for additional Tisha B’Av resources? Sefaria’s Tisha B'Av page is filled with sources and sheets for your use and reuse. 




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