From Time to Time: Study and Discussion Guide


From Time to Time: Journeys in the Jewish Calendar is an invitation to step into Jewish time: not only to understand Jewish time, but to root ourselves in it. This study guide, written by Audrey Honig, is designed to help readers as they deepen their knowledge about the Jewish year, Jewish history, and Jewish practice. 

In this book, Rabbi Dalia Marx, PhD, crafts a narrative of the Jewish year that is rich with history, liturgy, song, stories, and innovation. We encounter the rhythm of the Jewish holidays and the various ways they are observed and understood. In reading and discussing this book, learners will gain a deeper understanding of the flow of Jewish time and the various ways that Jews have connected with time across our history. Further, this English version of From Time to Time offers a meaningful opportunity for English-speaking readers to learn about Jewish time from an Israeli perspective. This study and discussion guide can be used in numerous settings: book clubs, classes, chavruta (paired) learning, Rosh Chodesh groups, family learning, or individual reflection. This guide is meant to foster deep understanding of the text, as well as thematic conversations that go beyond the pages of the book. 

In this guide, readers and teachers will find questions associated with each Hebrew month. Page references are provided for all questions that link with a passage in the text, even when they do not quote directly from the book; these numbers do not generally point to an answer to the question, but serve as a reference for teachers and learners. A smaller number of questions are related to general themes, and therefore do not correspond to a specific page. The creative entryways at the beginning of the study guide offer ways to encounter the text through various active modes, including journaling and music. These exercises can be used to connect with any chapter. 

The cover says the title "From Time to Time" in the center. The rest of the cover is filled with symbols and objects from various Jewish traditions and holidays.



  • After School and Beyond
  • Camp
  • Congregational Learning
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • Family Engagement
  • Teen Engagement