Through The Portal: Prepare for November with the National Library of Israel

October 30, 2022

The second session of the Through the Portal series, presented by the National Library of Israel's Global Jewish Education Manager, Shuvi Hoffman. 

With a dedicated site for educators, the National Library of Israel (NLI) offers curated and treasured primary source material, along with accompanying lesson plans for you to bring to your classroom. In this session, we will present resources for meaningful November events in the Jewish World, such as Yom Rabin and Sigd, and do a deep-dive into resources for Kaf Tet B'November, the day of the UN decision on the establishment of the state of Israel. 

Through the Portal is a new series of  presentations by the Portal's Resource Partners. These presentations will guide users on how to best navigate and utilize our partners' materials.

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Shuvi Hoffman
Shuvi Hoffman

Shuvi Hoffman, Global Jewish Education Manager at The National Library of Israel, is a “Revivim” graduate, an honors program in Hebrew University, where she received her BA in Jewish studies and her MA in Biblical studies. Shuvi taught Tanach, Jewish philosophy and Hebrew, wrote Jewish studies curriculum and worked as a teachers’ mentor in various frameworks. She spent two years in New York teaching at SAR High School and the Drisha Institute for Jewish Education.



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