Teaching Israel through an Early Childhood lens

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The learning experiences we share together are relevant to each child as an individual learner. This is known as Constructivist Education. When we listen deeply and observe children intentionally, we create pathways for social-emotional and academic success.

In a constructivist classroom setting, you will see:

  • Students working in groups
  • Teachers interacting and having a dialogue with children, helping them to reach their own conclusions
  • Curriculum that emphasizes big concepts
  • Learning that builds on what students already know
  • A pursuit of knowledge that follows students’ questions and interests
  • Assessment based on the entire learning process

The art of inquiry is very important in Jewish practice. We call this drash. Jews are sometimes known for answering a question with a question. So, in this way, using constructivism in your classroom helps to create a Jewish environment.



  • Educator Training
  • Early Childhood