Hear the story of innovation in early childhood and family engagement from someone who’s doing it. Our In-SITE-ful Journeys and Journals engage and connect colleagues in ongoing learning through “site visits” to area schools, virtual learning opportunities, and community field trips. Visits to schools invite educators to observe teachers and students and see adaptations of change in early childhood practice first hand. Participants interact with directors and teacher-leaders to learn how each made their vision a reality and our Site Visit Journals capture it all.

In-SITE-ful Journeys” launched in 2012 to spread successful innovative practices between educational professionals and schools across the NY Metro area. Journaling and documenting these visits allow us to share particular insights and resources with educators everywhere. Below you will find selected Journal entries from a number of these visits which include photo albums, video clips, leader bios, reflections, and additional resources.

Best 3 hours I've spent away from my school in a long time! I learned more about what it means to be Reggio Inspired during my time at Beth El than I've learned in the past 5 years!

Beth El documentation board

Leadership and staff have transformed their school into a play-based Reggio-inspired center at Beth El Synagogue Nursery School.

Jewish Museum group

The Jewish Museum provided us with the perfect setting to explore how early childhood educators might use art and artifacts in their classrooms differently.

Educational Alliance pre-schoolers painting

The Educational Alliance Preschool has implemented a thoughtful school process that puts children and families at the center.

CBE wall poster

While every class has some exposure to Hebrew, our Dual Language track classroom features two teachers, one speaking only Hebrew and the other only English at Congregation Beth Elohim, Brooklyn, NY.

14th St Y child at table

The Reggio approach was introduced to the Preschool in 2008. Both the enrollment growth and program enrichment have been exciting as well as demanding. It is a clear reflection of the quality of the teachers, their deepening understanding of the Reggio approach, and the investment in their growth.

Reggio Wonder of Learning

Wonder of Learning was an exhibition of the infant-toddler centers and preschools of the Istituzione Municipality of Reggio Emilia, Italy. We are including this amazing exhibition and these resources as part of our Site Visits since we led four different guided educator trips there in 2015.

NorthShore children outside

North Shore's Outdoor Classroom promotes experiential learning through play, supports individual learning styles, and cultivates a lifelong respect for our environment.

MidIsland garden area

The state certified staff of the Early Childhood Center at the Mid-Island Y JCC teach a challenging and engaging curriculum including language development, science, mathematics, art and literature, while providing a loving and nurturing environment for each child.

Brotherhood Hanukkah Bear book on table

Children learn by doing at the Brotherhood Synagogue Nursery School. Through active involvement in their environment, children add pieces of information to what they already know, thereby generating new ideas about the world around them.

Chai Center tree stump

The newly built, state-of-the-art indoor environment and outdoor Certified Nature Explore classroom at the Chai Center Preschool provides for the physical, intellectual and emotional growth of children through a myriad of activities.

JCC Manhattan hallway

Teachers work collaboratively as researchers, guiding and following the interests of the children and making their work visible through many forms of documentation at the Saul and Carole Zabar Nursery School at The JCC in Manhattan.

Cong Kol Ami Garden

Garden-based learning connected to Jewish values and celebration in an early childhood setting at Congregation Kol Ami, White Plains, NY.