Shine a Light Lesson: 6th-8th Grade Day School


This lesson is written as one complete lesson, but it can also be done as a station rotation if you are working with several grades or many students. Additionally, many of the activities can be done as stand-alone activities or mix and match. If you would like additional content to choose from, we recommend utilizing the Shine a Light 6-8th Grade Supplemental School Lesson which includes the full debate between Hillel and Shammai on how to light the chanukiah, science experiments on bending and converging light, a craft project to be shared with those living in Jewish group home settings or participating in adult day care programs, and a fun glow-in-the-dark dance party. You may also want to utilize the activities in the 6-8th Grades Additional Education Content guide which focuses on a Design Challenge inspired by Amanda Gorman’s quote from The Hill We Climb poem: “There is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

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Dr. Jennifer Newfeld is the Chair of Jewish Life and a Rabbinics teacher in the middle school at the Charles E Smith Jewish Day School (CESJDS) in Maryland. Prior to working at CESJDS she spent 13 years in synagogue education administration in New York, St Louis and Maryland and many, many summers at a variety of Jewish summer camps. She is also an educational consultant and curriculum writer and has worked with Shalom Learning, the St. Louis and Washington DC Federations, ARJE and several synagogues. Jennifer holds an Ed.D. in Jewish Educational Leadership from Northeastern University, an MA from the Jewish Theological Seminary and an M.Ed. from George Mason University.



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