Shine A Light on Antisemitism - Meet the Team

The talented team behind the production of the Jewish education materials for the Shine a Light on Antisemitism campaign includes experienced freelance curriculum writers and members of The Jewish Education Project program, IT, marketing, and support staff.

A PDF of the Content Team is available by clicking here.

Project Director:

Robyn Faintich
Robyn Faintich, Ed.D.

Curriculum Writers:

erica Hruby Headshot
Erica Hruby
Stephanie Marshall Headsot
Stephanie Marshall
Jennifer Newfeld Headshot
Jennifer Newfeld, Ed.D.
Karen Rhodes Headshot
Karen Rhodes
Nike Silberstein Headshot
Nike Silberstein
Debra Siroka
Debra J. Siroka

In collaboration with The Jewish Education Project Staff:

  • Rabbi Jennifer Goldsmith, Managing Director, Leadership Initiatives
  • Sasha Kopp, Community Educational Consultant, Early Childhood and Family Engagement
  • Judith Talesnick, Managing Director, Professional Learning and Growth
  • Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath, Senior Director of Knowledge, Ideas and Learning
  • Susan Holzman Wachsstock, Chief Program Officer

With immeasurable support from members of The Jewish Education Project Staff:

  • Karen Cummins, Managing Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Shira Farbman, Administrative Associate
  • Jonathan Fass, Managing Director, Educational Technology and Strategy
  • Noah Hirschl, Project Manager, Online Educational Content
  • Nessa Liben, Chief Advancement Officer
  • Michelle Sabzevari, Accounts Payable Manager
  • Dina Nusnbaum, Executive Assistant to the CEO
  • Keryn Warren, Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Gabriel Weinstein, Project Manager, Digital Content & Communications

Curriculum Design and Layout:

Copy Editing:





  • Educator Training