Shine a Light Additional Content - 6-8 Grade


This quote from Amanda Gorman's famous Inaugural Poem "The Hill We Climb" is used as the centerpiece for this lesson.  Learners are asked to reflect on the quote, specifically on what it means to "BE" the light.  Using the idea of increasing and spreading the light from Chanukah, students are taken through a Design Challenge to create a medium to share a message of Judaism they think people need to know - either to help squash Jewish stereotypes, or to help engage allies, or to help combat antisemitism, or to help spread the light and joy of Judaism. 

Created by:

Jennifer Newfeld Headshot

Dr. Jennifer Newfeld is the Chair of Jewish Life and a Rabbinics teacher in the middle school at the Charles E Smith Jewish Day School (CESJDS) in Maryland. Prior to working at CESJDS she spent 13 years in synagogue education administration in New York, St Louis and Maryland and many, many summers at a variety of Jewish summer camps. She is also an educational consultant and curriculum writer and has worked with Shalom Learning, the St Louis and Washington DC Federations, ARJE and several synagogues. Jennifer holds an Ed.D. in Jewish Educational Leadership from Northeastern University, an MA from the Jewish Theological Seminary and an M.Ed. from George Mason University.



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