The Jewish Education Project curated a diverse blend of resources for teaching the holiday of Shavuot. We've included lessons, games, discussion guides and more to engage your learners with the themes of the holiday.

A bonfire with people gathered around

Count the Omer and celebrate Lag B'Omer

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A child helping a child who has fallen

Explore how the Torah teaches us to be good people every day in this Shavuot game!

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A lesson for 4th-6th graders explores a nuanced understanding of the “golden rule,” V’ahavta L’reacha Kamocha.

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Finding Ruth: A Shavuot Scavenger Hunt

Go on a fun scavenger hunt while studying the book of Ruth.

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Shavuot Resources

These Shavuot resources from The Lookstein Center include lesson plans, videos, songs, articles, and more!

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Shavuot with the National Library of Israel

Deep dive into the many customs of the holiday through vintage posters, advertisements, photos...and even recipes.

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Shavuos video cover

Educational videos to engage students with Shavuot.

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All-Night Learning on Shavuot

Learn about the origins of the Tikkun Leil Shavuot and the pleasures of learning Torah.

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10 Commandments art project

In this Shavuot project, each of the 10 fingers becomes a place holder for one of the 10 Commandments.

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Kids playing

Activities for Shavuot. The activities include: videos, digital activities, games and more.

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Carrying Our Burdens, Together

A lesson using the story of Ruth and the middah of sharing the burden with one's friend.

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Get ready for the upcoming Shavuot holiday, while helping your students wrap up their school year meaningfully.

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Shavuot, Dairy, and Israel

Shavuot marks the receiving of the Torah on Mount Sinai, and its tradition to eat dairy. But why?

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Shavuot: Learning about Learning

Judaism has a lot to say about learning. This Shavuot, stay up late and enjoy learning about...learning!

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Torah Talks

Conversations with novelists, journalists, and judges sharing their reflections on Jewish texts.

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Child cracking an egg into a bowl

7 easy recipes that can be done with children to celebrate Shavuot

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Bread loaves

a text study and discussion guide for Shavu'ot learning exploring our connection to the land through food.

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Light shining through canyon crevices

A text-study considering growing from crisis in the Book of Ruth and beyond

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Count the Omer

We've got you covered with 49 days of fun facts about each number as you count the Omer.

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Shavuot Coloring Page

Relax and be inspired this Shavuot.

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children in a classroom holding hands up

Introduce students to this joyful holiday through two resources, complete with activities and guidance for active, creative learning.

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Shavuot multiple intelligences cover

A comprehensive list of Shavuot activities sorted into different learning methods and perspectives.

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THIS is the Torah

Students consider their relationship to the giving of the Torah by studying texts and photography.

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