Rosh Hashanah Resources


Blessings for Fruit and Blowing the Shofar

Illustrating each word of a blessing with a symbol makes it more accessible and understandable for pre-readers and those with disabilities and diverse learning needs. Use these downloadable blessing printouts to learn a blessing’s meaning, follow along, and recite the blessing.

The blessings are written out here in three ways: large print Hebrew text, an English transliteration accompanied by Picture Communication Symbols®, and a simple English translation.

Social Story: what to think and do if the shofar sounds too loud

Social stories depict upcoming events or routines using concrete, first-person language and images and other visual cues to allow the reader to picture themselves within a new setting, or process an upcoming change. They are a tool that can help create structure and predictability in a child’s day.

This social story may be appropriate for children with sensory sensitivities (particularly to loud noises) or general anxiety about new or unfamiliar experiences. It explains what a shofar is, how it is used, and offers age-appropriate suggestions about what a child can do if the noise makes them uncomfortable.

These resources were created for Gateways: Access to Jewish Education by Educational Specialist Rebecca Redner. To view more of our free resources for students with disabilities and diverse learning needs, visit




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