Rescuing the Wandering Jew – World Jewry & Mass Migrations


This episode discusses the “ingathering of exiles” or “kibbutz galuyot.” Israel has brought Jews from around the world to their homeland since its inception. One of Ben-Gurion’s great visions, a state that welcomes any and all Jews, the Israeli government paid more than lip service about these ideals and absorbed immigrants from across the world. From Operation Magic Carpet for Yemenite Jews in the 1950’s, to Operations Moses and Solomon for Ethiopian Jews in the 80’s and 90’s, Israel has rescued hundreds of thousands of Jews facing persecution. In this video and educator’s guide, students will reflect upon Israel’s relationship with World Jewry. What does it mean to be a Jew in the eyes of the Israeli State? How far will Israel go to take responsibility for Jews worldwide? Ultimately, what is a home?

This video comes with a 5-part educational guide (includes REVIEW, DISCUSSION, ACTIVITIES, REFLECTION, FURTHER LEARNING) that can be viewed online and/or downloaded as a PDF, along with a Kahoot game.

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