New York State Professional Development for Non-Public Schools and End of Year Planning - Middle Schools

The Jewish Education Project
April 24, 2020

This webinar is designed to help middle school leaders focus on some medium- to long- term planning.


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1. Explore the entirely new tier 1 offerings geared to quickly improving online teaching and learning for NYS non-public schools. The 5 strands are:

  • Technology: Using Online Learning Platforms for Delivery of Instruction
  • Social and Emotional Health: Support Educators, Students and Families
  • Pedagogy and Instruction: Best Practice for Virtual Learning Environments
  • Professional Collaboration for Educators: Sharing Best Practice, Problem Solving and Peer Support
  • School Leadership: Leadership in the Virtual Context of Learning

Learn how to help your teachers access these content rich, live webinars or recordings. In many cases there is also follow up coaching available. These offerings are all free of charge.

2. We’re all in this together: Let’s find solutions to your school’s needs as we approach the end of the year.

Together we address the challenge of bringing end of year closure to our learning communities (teachers, students and parents) in this new normal. What can graduation ceremonies look like? How might we collaborate to create a milestone that addresses our shared needs?



  • Day Schools and Yeshivas