Motivational Interviewing as a Strategy to Engage Jewish Tweens & Teens

The Jewish Education Project
March 6, 2024

A Webinar for Teen and Tween Professionals

Teens within our professional orbits are continuously moving through states of development on their way from adolescence towards adulthood. Change can be difficult for people in all stages of life, but even more so for those experiencing life events for the first time or in novel ways. Teens we work with come to us at their highest, and sometimes at their lowest. During this session, youth professionals will learn and practice the foundational communication strategies that comprise the counseling method called Motivational Interviewing. With the knowledge of this method, youth professionals will be able to have more meaningful conversations with the teens they serve and will be able to better support their teens through challenges that occur while navigating life. Educators will come away with the tools to practice Motivational Interviewing with their teens.  

Due to the nature of the discussions, this event will not be recorded. 

Presented by:

Erica Hruby
Erica Hruby

Erica Hruby is a Jewish educator with over 28-years of teaching, curriculum writing, and professional development experience in Jewish community, academic, and residential environments. Erica serves as the Senior Manager of National Teen Education and Engagement at The Jewish Education Project, formerly the Executive Director of JTEEN - Jewish Teen Education & Engagement Network. She is also the founder of Anchored Parenting, LLC where she serves as an educator and coach for tw/eens, parents, and grandparents. Erica has an M.A. from Georgia School of Professional Psychology in Clinical Psychology with a focus on children and adolescents. She lives in Clearwater, Florida with her high school sweetheart with whom she shares two daughters.



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