May 2021: Exploring the Current Israeli-Palestinian Crisis

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The Jewish Education Project

THis Material Has Been Updated AS OF 5/20/21

The Jewish Education Project has curated a collection of resources on the May 2021 Israeli-Palestinian crisis. 

Please Note:  The resources that we offer on the Portal are ones that we believe will directly benefit educators.  This collection also offers broader resources to support your understanding of this complex topic.  Our goal is to strike balance when offering conflicting pieces.

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A list of all Israel Education resources, including those of our Resource Partners, is available here.

Please join us for a two-part professional development series on the current crisis:
Israel in Crisis - Educational Responses Part 1: An Explainer Session
Israel in Crisis - Educational Responses Part 2: Navigating Charged Conversations

Speaking to Students About the Conflict


Israeli flag

10 Ways to Discuss the Current Situation in Israel With Your Students

A guide to discussing the current situation in Israel.

Talking to Children

Talking to Your Children Amidst Difficult Times

Author Natalie Blitt shares guiding principles for discussing the Israeli-Palestinian crisis with children.

Forward Header Image - Sivan Zakai

How to Talk to your Kids about the Violence in Israel

This article explores the challenges and opportunities we face in sharing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict with children.

Question Mark

What do my children understand – and what should I tell them – about the Israeli-Palestinian violence?

This article explores how to have age-appropriate conversations about the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis. 

Israel Flag Flying

What do kids know about Israel? What should we teach them?

An introduction to research on how children understand Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

ExpandING Understanding And Student Engagement



From Jerusalem to Gaza: The Unfolding Israeli-Palestinian Crisis

This guide from the Israel Policy Forum explores the complicated May 2021 Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Missiles in Israel

How did this start? We answer your questions on what’s going on in Israel

A article explaining the May 2021 crisis in Israel.


Sheikh Jarrah: The Story Behind the Story

A news analysis on the May 2021 crisis in Israel from Unpacked for Educators.

Flying Dove

Poems for Reflecting on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

A set of poems and accompanying questions for reflection on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Yafo and Tel Aviv Coastline

Eight Tips for Reading About Israel

Author Matti Friedman suggests a means for identifying credible resources for understanding the complexity of Israel.

Explore the Complexity of Jerusalem


Logo of Makom Israel

Exploring Jerusalem through Two Short Films

Against the backdrop of rising tensions in Jerusalem, here are educator guides to two short Israeli movies.


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