Magid: Telling Your Own Story


Storytelling is one of the hallmarks of the Jewish tradition. We see it as we reread the same Torah portions year after year and as we celebrate holidays by diving into the same stories and texts. Most notably, the core of the holiday of Passover, the Seder, is the retelling of the Jewish People's journey from slavery to freedom. Every spring, we regale the moments of struggle, joy, awe, and unexpected twists and turns in our story of freedom — learning something new every year. But what many fail to recognize is the mental wellness benefits of narrating and reframing the trauma of our slavery in Egypt, and how we can do the same thing in our own lives.

In this resource, we will explore the mental health benefits of reframing and sharing our own "stories", be they a particular event or a general biography. Then, readers will run through a checklist of questions to ask themselves before sharing their own story to ensure they tell it in the most mentally healthy way possible.



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