Ma Nishma, Israel | אותו דיבור


We might speak many different languages, and be scattered all across the world, but there’s so much we share in common.

The Jewish Agency for Israel collaborated with legendary Israeli rapper שאנן סטריט Shaanan Streett and Z3 Project to create a song that brings our diverse voices together in celebration of this big global Jewish family, ahead of Israel’s 75th birthday!

The video features English subtitles, as well as sections in English, French, German, Amharic and Russian, so it can be used in any classroom. 

Suggested Prompts and Activities from Noa Kolomer, Director of Israel Education at The Jewish Education Project: 

- Ask your students, "If Israel were a person, what would you want to ask them?"

- Language is such an important part of our identity, ask your students, "do you think it's still important to learn/know Hebrew as part of our Jewish Identity? Why?"

- Ask your students "What line of the song resonated the most with you?"

- Add your own verse/s. Have your class write an additional verse

- Create a video clip to the song with things that connect your class/community to Israel

-In the Tower of Babel story, no one could understand each other. Today, Jews around the world are connected by the Hebrew language. Have your students draw pictures that describe their vision of "the same language"


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