Lights in the Forest: Study and Discussion Guide


An anthology of essays written by a wide cross-section of rabbis, Lights in the Forest presents a range of Jewish responses to both theological and philosophical questions pertaining to God, humanity, and the Jewish people. Thoughtful and engaging, these responses are meant to strengthen the reader's sense of Jewish identity through expanding his or her knowledge and understanding of Jewish life, practice, and tradition.

Perfect for self-study, group study, adult learning, and conversion, the collection strives to encourage further study and ongoing discussion through presenting Judaism's intellectual and spiritual tools as means for leading a life full of purpose and commitment. This study guide, written by Rabbi Andrue Kahn, includes questions for each of the volume's main themes: God, humanity, and the Jewish people. 


The cover of "Lights in the Forest" contains forest imagery with a lantern hanging from above.



  • Congregational Learning
  • Teen Engagement