Jewish Digital Citizenship eCourse

The Jewish Education Project

Jewish Digital Citizenship is about helping adults and teens foster healthy, ethical, and responsible use of technology. 

Sponsored and inspired by the #ShineALight Initiative and The Jewish Education Project, this course will help you and the teens you work with understand technology and take control of the reigns. The course provides both Jewish and secular resources, guidance, and tools so you can embrace technology and use it in a way that reflects your values.

What is included?

This course is divided into six modules. Each module provides contemporary literature, Jewish and secular resources, and learning activities that relate to the theme:

  1. Balance/Izun: Focus on social media use among adults and teens/tweens, and examine the role it plays in their lives.
  2. Guarding Yourself/Shmirat HaGuf: Focus on internet security risks and the potential to cause harm.
  3. Guarding Your Voice/Shmirat HaLashon: Focus on Jewish-related hate speech, including antisemitism and criticism against Israel.
  4. Kindness/Gemilut Hasidim: Focus on internet pressures adults and teens/tweens experience - includes authenticity, online relationships, cyberbullying, and cyberstalking.
  5. Manners and Etiquette/Derech Eretz: Focus on internet users' digital footprint and online activities in order to be a good online citizen.
  6. Healing the World/Tikkun Olam: Resources to make change.